Jenn Feng Environmental policy and promise

Jenn Feng Environmental policy:

Comply with regulations.

Prevention of pollution.

Save energy and reduce waste .

In order to fulfill the responsibility of Corporate and Social Obiligation and to protect and contribute to the environment, we are fully committed to implementing an environmental management system that complies with the ISO14001 standard and promised our commitment to environmental protection as follows:

1. Follow environmental regulations and requirements and continue to promote environmental improvement and pollution prevention.

2.Establish a factory waste management program, Compliance with regulations and promotion of resource recycling.

3. Production Process research and development focused on reducing the non-performing rate, minimize the rate of defectiveness products.

4. Strengthen fire facilities management, implement the concept of disaster prevention.

5. Promote the concept of environmental protection, beautify the factory environment, providing staff a good working environment.

── 振豐 環境政策及承諾 ──

振豐環境政策:遵守法規、 預防汙染、 節能減廢。


1. 遵循環保法規及要求,持續推動環境改善及污染預防。

2. 建立廠內廢棄物管理方案,符合法規及推動資源回收再利用。

3. 製程研發著重降低不良率,減低不良品產生。

4. 加強消防設施管理,落實防災觀念。

5. 宣導環保觀念,美化廠區環境,提供員工良好的作業環境。